A. Folders

  • For all orthopaedic conditions.
  • Headaches.
  • General training and exercise

B. Personal details

  • Personal details, address and medical aid details.

C. Indemnity form

  • Comprehensive and clear. Protecting you AND the Patient

D. Health screening questionnaire

  • all fields compulsory to determine health risk of exercise and training

E. Pain questionnaires

  1. over 25 to choose from including a disability, anxiety and stress test.
    • We provide multiple pain questionnaires available for each joint.

F. Assessment forms

  • Complete Upper and Lower limb assessment form
  • Compulsory fields – for stats purposes and THOROUGH practising.
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screening)
  • Simple assessment forms- basically a blank word sheet
  • Re-assessment Lower limb featuring split screen comparisons between assessments.
  • Anthropometry
  • Re-assessment Upper limb featuring split screen comparisons between assessments.

G. ICD 10 Codes

  1. The Upper and Lower Limb assessment forms come with 2 lists of ICD 10 codes.
    • The full complete list of ICD 10 codes practising.
    • A reduced version with options of most relevant codes used.

H. Treatment/training options

  1. Multiple options available.
    • Exercise Sheet – featuring a full summary sheet of Assessments completed, Health Questionnaire and Pain questionnaires completed.
    • General Exercise Sheet – Featuring 10 workouts for 10 programmes with space for 17 exercises, BP, Heart Rate, and comment section.
    • Simple Exercise Sheet – basically a blank word document
    • Rehabilitation Sheet – Add additional “progression rows” to existing rehabilitation table.
  • Comment and notes section for each document available to monitor progress and patient care

J. Exercises

  • Load exercises and information for each patient
  • they receive an SMS or email to login and view it