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Sign up fee

Due to COVID-19, we have exempted the signup fee (earlier R5,500) to make it easier for the therapists to bring their system online. The granted licence shall be kept active on a monthly basis subject to upfront monthly payments which monthly shall be the “Licence Fee”. The Licence Fee is based on the number of Biokineticians in a particular practice.

For the signup fee you get:

  • Your licence
  • Free support with setup
  • Free data transfer to Snowglobe
  • 50 free SMSs
  • Unlimited therapists free – after your 1st month, you choose how many Biokineticians you want to sign up

University interns can now get Free access.
Contact us via email :-sales@snowglobesolutions to know more about it.

Monthly fee

The Licence Fee shall be as follows:

Number of Biokineticians in practice: Licence fee per month (to be paid upfront via debit order as per the User Registration form)
1 R350.00     R200.00
2 R450.00     R300.00
3 R550.00     R400.00
4 R650.00     R500.00
5 and more (flat rate – excluding academic institutions and/or hospitals and/or rehabilitation centers) R850.00     R600.00
  • Academic institutions and/or hospitals and/or rehabilitation centers must negotiate Licence Fees separately.

The monthly Licence Fee shall include reasonable maintenance of any backend software code and two (2) hours of technical support. Any queries or work done after that will be quoted and charged separately for.

Additional related services (the “Menu Services”) :

The following Menu Services are offered at an additional charge, and you hereby consent to add such additional charges as selected by yourself to your monthly debit order:

  1. Your Snow: Once-off activation fee of R2,500(Two thousand five hundred only), Cost of development extra :
    1. Your Snow will include design, development, uploading and implementation of bespoke assessment forms,pain questionnaires, and the like – all these documents will be quoted for and paid separately for.
  2. SMS (short message service):
    1. SMSs are provided in 2 bundles:
    2. 500 sms bundle – R225
    3. 1000 sms bundle – R400
  3. Data usage:
    1. An additional charge for data usage will be charged at R50 per month per gigabyte after reaching an initial free cap of 1 gigabyte.
  4. Own domain name:
    1. There will be a once-off R250 (two hundred and fifty only) activation charge, followed by a monthly charge of R75 (seventy-five Rand only) per month.
  5. Corporate Identity Design:
    1. Snowglobe offers this as an additional service. This will be quoted for separately upon request, based on an hourly rate.
  6. Integration of your brand with Snowglobe Bio documentation:
    1. This will be quoted for separately upon request, based on an hourly rate.
  7. Additional Requests:
    1. Additional requests will be quoted for separately, based on an hourly rate.

Licence fees and any and all Menu Services may increase yearly, at the sole discretion of Snowglobe (Pty) Ltd, on 1 January of each year. This will be communicated with you prior to the time.

What Snowglobe does for you

Provide you with a licence

Regulate legalities of hosting

Regulate safety against hacking

Provide secure “one-time pin” codes

Synchronize and streamline the software usage

Upload your logo

Setup launch page image

Back up your data

Make sure all documents adhere to legal requirements

Help you create your own domain – at an extra cost (T & C’s apply)


Start your free trial and feel better.


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